Foxi Moxi is an indie rock/pop band based in Austin, Texas. Their sound is similar to groups like Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, Hozier, and Arctic Monkeys. The band has four members:

  • Preston Ashby - lead vocals, guitar
  • Forrest Ashby - drums, backing vocals
  • Ben Aiken - bass guitar
  • Xander Yozzo - keyboards

Foxi Moxi formed in 2016 after brothers Preston and Forrest Ashby met bassist Ben Aiken through an ad on Craigslist. The band started as a trio driven by fuzzy electric guitar, tight drum and bass grooves, and blues-inspired riffs. But over the last two years, their sound has nudged steadily toward indie pop, featuring catchy melodies atop a foundation of upbeat rock rhythms. In 2017, Foxi Moxi added keyboardist Xander Yozzo to provide a stronger synth presence and continue the movement toward a more modern sound.

Foxi Moxi released their latest record, Easy Does It, in March 2018. The EP includes a guest performance by hip-hop artist The Kid Due, who often collaborates with Foxi Moxi in the studio and in concert. Easy Does It is available for download or streaming on all major platforms.